Personalized Learning² (PL²),
powered by people and technology
PL² is a project addressing the opportunity gap for marginalized students through personal mentoring and tutoring with artificial intelligence learning software.
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Mentoring meets technology
Personalized mentoring and tutoring in small groups can promote the social, emotional, and motivational conditions that support student success. Learning software, powered by AI, adapts curriculum and content to each student's unique learning speed and style. PL² combines these two proven approaches to help mentors practice culturally-responsive teaching that is informed by their students' progress in learning software.
Piloting in Greater Pittsburgh
PL² is using this combination to support math learning for students in southwestern Pennsylvania. The pilot specifically includes schools with high populations of students of color and/or students impacted by poverty. Once we find the optimal combination to facilitate learning, these new methods can be deployed across different educational software products, subjects, grade levels, and states.
A collaboration between
Learnlab at Carnegie Mellon University,
a national hub for research and development of ed tech, artificial intelligence, and learning science
The University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban Education,
a nationally recognized center of excellence for research and service in urban education