Our Mission

Bridging Opportunity Gaps in Urban School Contexts

Bridging Opportunity Gaps in Urban School Contexts

Our Story

More than 60 years after the Supreme Court's ruling to desegregate schools, American K-12 education remains marred by strikingly inequitable access, opportunities, and learning outcomes across racial groups and income classes. These gaps are especially high in mathematics – a key gateway to high-paying careers in the 21st century – and they perpetuate inequalities across generations.

Our vision is to build a connective network between Pittsburgh-based universities, school districts, and community organizations that will develop and test an infrastructure of scalable social interaction techniques, software tools, and data-driven continuous improvement to personalize learning for the whole child.

This network will combine the expertise of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Urban Education – a nationally recognized center of excellence for research and service in urban education – with the strengths of Carnegie Mellon University's LearnLab and affiliated initiatives in the domains of educational technology, AI, and learning science.

The Team

Ken Koedinger
Professor, CMU HCII
Nikki Lobczowski
Postdoctoral Fellow, CMU
Elizabeth Richey
Project Scientist
Maggie Hannan
Simon Initiative Associate
Director for K-12
Cindy Tipper
Development Manager, Programmer
Adetunji Adenira
Postdoctoral Fellow, CMU
Peter Schaldenbrand
Lead Developer
Shivang Gupta
Product Manager, CMU METALS Alum

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