Making an Impact

PL² is making an impact in western Pennsylvania and beyond!
Ed-tech Integrations

Personalized Learning²

Addressing the opportunity gap for marginalized students through personalized mentoring and tutoring with artificial intelligence learning software

Personalized Learning² fosters a rich ecosystem of mentoring service providers, mentors, schools, and edtech researchers who are identifying best practices in the mentoring space. Unlike other edtech products, PL² is completely customized to the needs of each of our partner institutions. We are increasing the number of mentors, students, and partnering institutions every year and "squaring" the impact on student success!

Success Stories

silhouetted woman writing equations on a white board
Jane, Mentor

"I like this resource [Understanding How to Teach Math] because I have a teaching background. It gives me different ideas and techniques to make my own personal instruction more engaging for students to promote growth."

numerous teachers sitting around a conference table with computers
Training at Shaler Area School District

We conducted large scale, culturally responsive pedagogy training with over 50 teachers at Shaler as part of their annual service week.

silhouetted woman sitting by a window typing on a laptop
Mary, After-school Tutor

"I have fallen in love with the Resource Assistant. I often feel like I don't know how to help my students. Having motivational videos, converstation guides, and research will enrich my intervention time tremendously."