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Cartoon image of a mentor high-fiving a ten-year old
HCII Responds to the Pandemic

May 29, 2020

With schools closed, K-12 students across the country are relying on online learning like never before. While the pandemic is shining a light on the inequities of education in our country, it is also highlighting the benefits of face-to-face instruction for students. Read More...

elementary school child listening to headphones and looking at a mac monitor
A Fitbit for Learning

August 30, 2020

PL2 uses artificial intelligence to vastly expand human mentors' ability to keep tabs on student learning. Carnegie Mellon University professor Ken Koedinger, who's heading development of the PL2 app, sees great promise in the program's potential to address student motivation by providing tailored support. Read More...

teacher crouched forward helping two students looking at a laptop wearing headphones
New tutoring program using AI to help kids learn WPXI NEWS

August 28, 2019

A new tutoring program being developed by Carnegie Mellon University and the Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh may help students once they are back in the classroom. Read More...

mentor observing an elementary school student looking at a tablet computer
Squaring the Power of Personalized Learning

August 28, 2019

PL2 combines personalized learning with artificial intelligence to address opportunity gaps. We spoke with Cassandra Brentley of Pitt's Center for Urban Education to find out how PL2 offers students learning opportunities that are both powerful and personally meaningful. Read More...