Bridging Opportunity Gaps in Urban School Contexts
More than 60 years after the Supreme Court's ruling to desegregate schools, American K-12 education remains marred by strikingly inequitable access, opportunities, and learning outcomes across racial groups and income classes. These gaps are especially high in mathematics — a key gateway to high-paying careers in the 21st century — and they perpetuate inequalities across generations.

Our vision is to build a connective network between Pittsburgh-based universities, school districts, and community organizations that will develop and test an infrastructure of scalable social interaction techniques, software tools, and data-driven continuous improvement to personalize learning for the whole child.

This network will combine the expertise of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Urban Education — a nationally recognized center of excellence for research and service in urban education — with the strengths of Carnegie Mellon University's LearnLab and affiliated initiatives in the domains of educational technology, AI, and learning science.
Pittsburgh Pilot
Four pilot projects are being co-designed and implemented in deep collaboration with four school sites in the Pittsburgh region. Each is tailored to the circumstances of its district and explores a potential implementation of the PL² approach.
At Elizabeth Forward School District,
administrators are using PL² to identify the most effective teacher practices and scale them across the school district.
At Pittsburgh Public Schools,
PL² supports mentors using an asset-based, equity-focused curriculum to supplement math instruction through the Center for Urban Education's Ready to Learn program.
At Propel Charter Schools,
paraprofessional instructional specialists are using PL² to build stronger relationships with students and to identify motivational factors that work for individuals.
At Shaler Area School District,
PL² is helping parents engage in their children's learning outside of school and supporting tutors during the school day.
At Homewood Children's Village,
PL² is helping Americorps tutors engage with their student's in new and more meaningful ways.
At Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania,
PL² is helping Americorps tutors engage with their student's in new and more meaningful ways
School districts and university faculty are co-designing PL² and its implementation, combining the experiences of administrators and teachers with university expertise and perspectives. These connections are powered by Remake Learning, a network that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning opportunities like PL². Read stories of engaging, relevant, and equitable learning innovation on our blog, including: